It must be something that occupies a place in your mind when you think of art and selling it. First and foremost, we have said it once and we will say it a million times, what’s yours is yours!

You are the sole owner your art and photography, we do not own any of the artwork uploaded on it is used for the purpose of fulfilling your customer’s orders.

Secondly, just as a side note, if someone copies your work before you get all wired up and serious. Just know that it is the sincerest and ultimate most form of flattery. You are awesome, as an artist and a human being your approach and style are influencing people. So take a minute to let that sink in.

Thirdly, lets make a couple of things clear on our full transparency policy:

  • The law protects your copyright and is on your side
  • We make sure to respect your art and bottom line
  • We pay attention to give credit where it is due
  • Real-time notification of all orders
  • Real-time analytics summarizing your shop status
  • Your shop equals your full control of product type and print quantity
  • In case you delete your shop, your files are automatically deleted (we hate to see you leaving, please don’t leave us!)

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