Websites can get annoying sometimes but we like to keep things simple, here’s how: After selecting the awesome print, size, optional frames, and mat finishing, click on the “Add to cart” button to add the item and continue shopping. If you think one item is enough then click on the “checkout” button, fill in the necessary information and get excited because very soon we’re going to deliver you a package of happiness!

– Credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal worldwide.
– Cash on Delivery, which is, for now, only available in the GCC Countries.

We sense the smell of gifts and surprises from miles away and what a buzz-kill it would be if you couldn’t surprise someone, right? So yes, you can enter different addresses for shipping and billing.

Your information is extremely important to us and we assure you that it is only needed for the purpose of completing your orders and getting them to you as safe as possible. Your information is submitted via safe SSL encryption.

Wahoo! Congratulations and lucky us. Alright, you will receive an automatic confirmation email shortly that will summarize all important details of your order. Skim through it and let us know if any of the information in front of you is incorrect so we can solve this issue for you right away.

You know that feeling when you must have something but you can’t right now for some reason? We do, and we don’t want that to happen to you. So just log on to our website, you can save items in your shopping cart for later or add them to your wish list. If you don’t have an account, it’s time to get one! Oh! It’s free in case you’re wondering☺.

When an artist uploads their art, they do so in certain resolutions. If our system determines that the file is not large enough for an amazing quality print at that size, you may sadly see that some sizes aren’t available because we want your prints to be in immaculate condition.

High-5! Discount is the least you should be getting. Contact us here.

Print-on-Demand means that every single item we print is produced to order. Yes, that’s correct and why do we do that? Because that’s the right way to print art, it deserves to be individually made for you.

It is a wide range of picture content such as reproductions, photography, illustrations, classic or digital art… and the list goes on. You can mix and match your prints of choice with our elegant frames to turn them into statements you’re proud of.

Looking for that “gallery like” feel in your home or office? A canvas is the way to go. Using the same wide range of picture content, like art prints, our canvas is made of the best materials in the art industry, and is proudly hand crafted and stretched over wooden bars.

A poster is the classic, bold, and affordable option for a large variety of pictures available in different sizes. Just like all of our materials, we use nothing but the best anyone can find because that’s what you deserve.

Nobody likes a show off! But we know what artists, photographers, art lovers, and enthusiasts’ want. Check out our products, explained in details here.

Of course! Imagine how annoying it would be to receive a frame that can’t be hanged. All of our framed art prints, stretched, and framed canvases are ready to hang and look awesome on your walls.

Yes! And it’s 100% free! Whether you’re a professional artist, a photographer, or a hobbyist of either, start selling right now and get paid doing what you love. Leave the printing, framing, packing, and delivery to us. Open your account here

Print by print we want to make art accessible to all and our method for doing that is by selling reproductions of your beautiful works. Why? Because eye-candy should be everywhere! However, you can still link your personal website or your gallery’s website to your profile, and you can also post your email and links that will aid you in promoting your work.

At the moment it’s still not possible to sell your artworks as limited editions on Mont8. We live and love the concept of open editions, which means as long as the picture is on your Mont8 profile; we’ll print it on demand because it’s making so many people happy. Nonetheless, feel free to keep track of how many times your print sells in order to know once you have reached your desired limit.

They are 100% yours! You have always been and always will be the owner of the copyright. You are only allowing Mont8 to produce and print the products on demand to fulfill orders. You still have doubts? That’s totally fine, click here and checkout our copyrights policy.

We like that you like the idea. Now, let’s get down to business. This is the fun part where you can increase your sales by promoting yourself and your art prints, canvases, and posters. For example, you can integrate your Mont8 Shop into your website or your blog by using one of the banners we made. But the most common way is to connect your Mont8 account with Facebook and Twitter. By doing so your ‘Magical F-trio’ (friends, fans, and followers) will be constantly updated whenever you post new art.

You can claim your money from your available balance anytime during the month. All claimed payments that satisfy the threshold for your payment method will be paid to our beloved artists on or before the 15th day of the following month.

At that time, we pay to you any shipped sales made up until the end of the previous month, given that you have made over the threshold for your chosen payment type.
Let’s say:

• You made over the threshold for a PayPal payment and your sales were shipped by the end of November, you will get paid on or before 15th December.

• A sale was made before the end of the previous month but has not yet shipped; this will be paid on the next eligible month, on which the threshold has been reached.
In short, if an order has been placed but not yet shipped, it is not yet payable. If an order is cancelled, for any reason before it ships, it will not be payable.

This depends on your preferred payment method. Payments are paid by:

a) PayPal
b) Western Union Transfer
c) Banks Transfers

Currency PayPal Western Union Bank Transfer
Local Payments (inside UAE) UAE Dirhams 110 AED 220 AED 330 AED
International Payments United States Dollar 30 USD 60 USD 90 USD

Payments are paid in either UAE Dirhams or US Dollars and are adjusted according to exchange rate fluctuations.

*Please note that the transfer fees are deducted from the artists’ earnings.

Please note that PayPal may have some restrictions for withdrawing funds in some countries. Click here.

You can change your preferred payment method in your Payment Details.

For more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You surely can do that. Check your sales history to view a record of all successful sales you made.

You can also view your payment history that provides a complete record of any previous payments made. This record includes the date of payment, the method of payment, and the amount paid.

You’re the expert here; no one knows your work better than you do. However, we do encourage you to upload your files in the highest pixel quality possible, so you have the full autonomy over your work in terms of sizes and a wide range of products.

You bet you can and not only that; we want you to buy them at our base price. Why? Because you’re the backbone of our vision, so we want you happy all the time. You can easily print any of your gallery artwork or upload a new image into your print shop and we will take care of the rest.

As most of us know, online marketing is an interesting challenge and we love challenges, let’s give you amazing artists the concise version:

  • Free Shipping to your beloved fans
  • Products Promotions
  • Established banner and ad purchases
  • Google ‘call to action’ AdWords
  • Blogs
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Newsletters

Our main focus is successful, efficient, and effective online marketing that is getting more creative and innovative by the day. Our amazing online marketing team is at the top of their game in our region and are always on the search for the most recent marketing tools that will empower artists to sell more eye-candy to lucky customers.

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