Upload Guideline Explained

Setting up our files for upload can be really fun and easy when there is a guideline that explains what is needed. These simple steps that you will read on this page will save both you and us much time and effort and will definitely meet your standards of printing and quality, and if you’re new to editing your picture settings, we’re sure these will stick with you for a longtime and will come in handy in many situations in your endeavors as an individual of the artsy nation. Let us begin…


All files uploaded should be:

  • JPEG or PNG only (we don’t accept TIFF or PDF files).
  • Minimum 1240 pixels x 1754 pixels
  • Maximum 12000 px on either dimensions

First of all, we love and prefer big, high-resolution files for the best printing results, but for the sake of simplicity and help these are the minimum and/or recommended requirements for all sizes to be available for sale:

(*Please note that these pixels are the minimum accepted mont8 pixels at 150 dpi)


Minimum Required at 150 dpi
Paper Size (name) Printed Area Pixels Dimensions Dpi Resolution
A5 (Mini) 14.8×21 cm 874 px x   1240 px 150
A4 (Small) 21×29.7 cm 1240 px x 1754 px 150
A3 (Medium) 29.7×42 cm 1754 px x 2480 px 150
A2 (Large) 42×59.4 cm 2480 px x 3508 px 150
A1 (X-Large) 59.4×84.1 cm 3508 px x   4967 px 150
Square Images Required at 150 dpi
Small 30×30 cm 1772 px x 1772 px 150
Medium 40×40 cm 2362 px x   2362 px 150
Large 50×50 cm 2953 px x   2953 px 150
X-Large 60×60 cm 3543 px x   3543 px 150




(*Please note that these pixels are the recommended mont8 pixels at 300 dpi)

Recommended at 300 dpi
Paper Size (name) Printed Area Pixels Dimensions Dpi Resolution
A5 (Mini) 14.8×21 cm 1748 px x   2480 px 300
A4 (Small) 21×29.7 cm 2480 px x   3508 px 300
A3 (Medium) 29.7×42 cm 3508 px x   4961 px 300
A2 (Large) 42×59.4 cm 4961 px x 7016 px 300
A1 (X-Large) 59.4×84.1 cm 7016 px x 9933 px 300
Square Images Recommended at 300 dpi
Small 30×30 cm 3543 px x   3543 px 300
Medium 40×40 cm 4724 px x   4724 px 300
Large 50×50 cm 5906 px x 5906 px 300
X-Large 60×60 cm 7087 px x   7087 px 300


Choosing the right image and resolution

Always provide us with the highest resolutions available to you for your prints! If you upload a larger image, your images will be printed at an even higher quality. Our recommendation is that you upload images at 300 dpi

Any prints or poster designs that are uploaded at a resolution less than 150 dpi will not be posted for sale in the mont8 marketplace.


Bleed and cropping:

Just like any professional printing practice, the actual printed product will often vary slightly from the image. Please do not put text or borders on the outer edges of images.


Important notes:

Please DO NOT manually increase the pixel dimensions of your images in Photoshop. Why? This will fool our system when it reads the file and will result in a low quality print for your customers and none of us want that!


Use Grayscale for Black and White

To get astonishing black and white pictures, save and upload your images in grayscale format. We use extraordinary grayscale printing profiles that will give you that contrast you’re looking for.


Color Management

If it’s RGB, keep it RGB. If it’s in CMYK convert it to RGB.


Digital Capture

If your original artwork is not in a digital format, we have just the right steps to follow so you can upload in not time. Take digital photos or scan your original artwork. Do it by yourself or ask your photographer friends to help you photograph your work. Follow these simple steps:

Here are some simple steps if you want to do it yourself:

1- Use a camera with 6 Megapixels or more.

2- Find an open space to take pictures in

3- Hang your artwork perfectly horizontal and flat

4- Use a tripod and align the center of your art with your camera’s position

5- Focus your lens so that your art is completely in the focal plane

6- Use a dim light source with no glare

7- Use a lens length that does not distort your image

8- Edit your image in Photoshop (if needed for color purposes)

9- Crop the image so only your artwork shows


Double-check your files

Don’t forget to zoom into your file and check for possible errors here or there, you want these prints to be amazing. If you see something wrong, remember one thing, it will appear in the print. We all make mistakes, lets try to minimize them when it comes to your prints and follow the steps on this page for amazing results.

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